About Us

Base out of Columbus Ohio, Etherium Lighting is a premier manufacturer that offers a complete LED Lighting Solutions.

Specializing in LED commercial and industrial products, we possess global expertise and hometown values that have allowed us to make a noticeable impact in our industry, providing the highest level of satisfaction to our clients while utilizing the latest LED technology to retrofit and upgrade businesses of all types.

Our factory is located in Shenzhen, China with over 20 years of lighting manufacturing experience and our US team is run by knowledgeable individuals that has been in the industry for the past 15 years.

Our Mission “Lighting Up The World”

ETH is based in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, and with a secondary warehouse location in Los Angeles, California to help accommodate the high demand of Electrical Distribution. Our US facilities have installation capabilities. Equipped with a strong customer support team that is back by our competitive warranties. Our vision is to enhance energy savings and reductions to improve environmental impact and overall business efficiency.


Our company is focused on the cutting edge technology of LED performance, which is reflected in both the in-house manufacturing and installation aspects. Our LED products adhere to the strictest quality standards, having passed Canadian, European, and USA UL testing. We also ensure a comprehensive analysis and can provide IES and LM79 reports that highlight the range of benefits when implementing LED over traditional lighting.

Our goal is to offer a complete Energy Efficient LED solutions for Commercial and Industrial needs 


·         We have worked with schools, corporate offices, the US government, and medical buildings

·         We have the capability to distribute all over the continental US

·         Open to major Electrical Distributions

·         Offer Distributor program for electrical supply and wholesale lighting companies